From 1976 until 2000, conservatives were blue; liberals were red.  In the 2000 presidential election, all television media unabashedly switched the colors of the political parties to the opposite of what they were.  “Whatever the reason, all the news outlets certainly played a part in establishing blue and red as the colors when they collectively used them the same way,” reported

Republicans went from blue to red; Democrats went from red to blue.  No explanation, no objection from either political party, and no law passed.

The dictionary definition of “red” is: “inciting or endorsing radical social or political change especially by force; communist; of or relating to a communist country and especially to the U.S.S.R.; US politics: tending to support Republican candidates or policies.”

“Red” has always been the color of communists and socialists, and red unequivocally defines 21st century Democrats. It is Democrats, not Republicans, who incite and endorse radical social and political change, especially by force (i.e., KKK, Antifa, Black Lives Matter); all communists in the United States are Democrats; and Democrat states have become Communist states. The final definition, “US politics: tending to support Republican candidates or policies,” imposed on us by the fake media, is diabolically deceptive and needs to be corrected.

Collins dictionary describes “true blue” as: “adjective. If you describe someone as true-blue, you mean that they are right-wing in their ideas and opinions.”  I’m confused.  True blue is red?

I’m old enough to know Communists starved and murdered millions of their own people; and falsely being labeled “a red” has infuriated me since the 2000 election.  I’ve kept my anger simmering on a back burner, but it came to a boil again when writing, “the May 17th meeting of the Feather River Tea Party will feature Trevor Loudin, who will be autographing his latest book, ‘White House Reds:  Communists, Socialists & Security Risks Running for US President, 2020.’”  Everywhere else in the world, Mr. Loudin is correct – “the reds are in the White House”; but in the United States, it’s blues who are in the White House.

Since the Democrat Party no longer hides the fact they are Communists, can we please restore the rightful colors to the two political parties?  How?




Carla Virga, 

Yuba City

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