I also was taken by Robin Epley and now the Heather Esemann piece in regards to Rep. LaMalfa's attempts to inflame the electorate over education administration for political purposes. Of course parents are the final say in determining curriculum. We elect the Board of Education. (Duh!) We do not need parents unduly meddling in the nuts and bolts of the system. Do you tell your mechanic how to fix your car....it's broke fix it. My child needs an education...you're the professional educators....getter done. If the school cannot teach the basics to my child expect to see me at the board meeting. If you include other curriculum be prepared to justify its inclusion.

The 25 March AD had an article titled 'House passes parental school oversight measure'. The measure is touted and sponsored by our Rep. LaMalfa as a bill of rights for parents giving them "final approval authority over what is taught in the education system". 

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