In his letter of September 12, Mr. Cooper made a pathetically feeble attempt to equate the current Democratic Party with various fascist organizations of the 1930s, in particular the enforcement arm of the Nazi party, the SA.

What I find odd is that, given his admiration for Mr. Trump, he did not mention the Italian fascist  party, whose leader, Mussolini, is the apparent idol of Trump. 

Like Mr. Cooper I am old enough to remember characters from the ’30s. And when I see Trump with his arms across his chest, his chin thrust froward and pointed into the sky, and his mouth turned down, he is the perfect image of Mussolini. Unfortunately the last image we have of Mussolini he is hanging upside down from a lamp post in the main square of Milan.

And as far as “free stuff” goes, tell us Mr. Cooper, who paid for your schooling, your police department, your fire department, the military who defend our country, etc., etc.? Last I heard it was, and is still is, our taxes.

I have watched the Republican Party turn into the fascist party of America. It is a shame that a political party once noted for its self righteous stand on morality, and which touted its adherence to the thinking of Lincoln, has sunk so low as to be equated with fascism.

G. Michael Paine,


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