The struggle is real.  Every now and then, I find myself in the need to explain to my neighbors that as a Democrat I will not participate in the destruction of our society nor in the feasting of their children. I also find myself wondering if the Republican-led Senate does not realize that their days in power are numbered, if not by Georgia’s run-off election in January, then perhaps by the next Senate election in two years, but soon it most definitely will end; and with that end, comes payback. 

Not the kind of payback that will see Supreme Court justices being named without taking their views into account, as Democrats have endured, nor will they see the enactment of policies that result in children being caged or separated from their parents, as we, as a nation, have witnessed under their rule.  I doubt they’ll live to see the neglect and misguided advice their president inflicted upon the public at a time of a pandemic that has resulted in the death of 280,000 of our fellow citizens.

No, I seriously doubt they’ll see that kind of payback. 

The kind of payback they will notice is the one that is most insidious and painful, for is one they brought upon themselves needlessly and because of their short-sightedness.

In 2013 the Democrat-led senate opted to enact the nuclear option and do away with the 60-vote rule to confirm judges to federal benches and more importantly to the Supreme Court.  It can safely be said that this move has come back to bite them in the rear, ten fold, and it was all because they failed to realize that someday down the road the Republicans would be the ones in power and would use those very same rule changes to have their way.  We Democrats deserved that.

The payback the Republican-led Senate will see someday will be based on the erosion of their base and moral standing in the country because of their continued failure to put an end to the disgraceful exit of President Trump from the White House.

President Trump will leave office.  As he exits, his scorched earth tactics are setting a terrible precedent and the Republican Senate is standing idly by and allowing this mockery and corruption of our norms to continue.  Their neglect has brought the country to the brink of a Constitutional crisis and yet they stand by silently.  Are they not aware that the behavior they’re allowing this president, they will have to tolerate from a Democratic outgoing president someday?

The bar has been set low, very low for how a president behaves in office and for how he exits that office.  Shame on President Trump and shame on a Senate that allows this to happen.



Edwin Mateus,

Yuba City

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