This year, 2020 has been a year full of unprecedented and at times, uncomfortable changes everyone in our society. 

I want to take a moment to focus on one change that has just begun to unfold, that will affect a huge part of our population, and could quite possibly change every family with school age children’s lives: How will our school districts handle our children’s return to school at the end of summer break? 

I am concerned, not only for myself as a single parent to a new high school student, but as a Human Services worker who helps families coordinate their home/work lives in order to support themselves and provide for their families. 

We have seen the recommendations of two day school weeks where half the children attend Tuesdays and Thursdays and the other half attend Mondays and Fridays, or the split day approach. 

How are families with multiple children in different grades, or different schools with possibly different schedules expected to balance a home/work life balance? 

How will the schools ever-tightening budget stretch to provide the possible needed distance learning, needed to fill the educational gaps or even the transportation to and from? 

We need to be engaging as a community with our school districts to have open, early, transparent communications on how these changes will happen and identify what community supports we will need to succeed. 

Please contact your school districts and get involved today! Live Oak Unified School District Superintendent Mat Gulbrandsen or 530-695-5400.


Karen Solis,

 Live Oak

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