I have been watching the rioting and looting, and killing going on in some cities of this great country and am angry that the officials in those cities are allowing it to happen. I respect our constitution, especially the first amendment. But there is one word in there that the thugs rioting are not adhering to. That word is “ Peaceably.” There has been nothing peaceable about thugs and thieves running through the streets looting and sometimes killing.

This ... has to be stopped and if it takes martial law to do, so be it. It seems that in this country now the color of your skin and the more you burn and destroy , the louder you scream the more you are catered to by the politicians. It is my opinion that if the Democrat (socialist) party wins the upcoming election the hard working people of all races are screwed.

I will close this out with the only thing I can think that might offer help. In the upcoming election vote for whatever party you think is best for the country but think long and hard and do some research before you vote. Find out who is running BLM, and look at what is going on in some of our great cities.



Billy M. Cooper,

Yuba City 

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