Last April, I attended a Yuba City Council meeting to speak out against the council’s proposed resolution to oppose the passage and implementation of Senate Bill 54, the so-called Sanctuary State law. Readers will recall that SB 54 was passed as a public safety law to ensure that local law enforcement agencies could depend on cooperation from undocumented residents in their efforts to fight violent crime and bring criminals to justice. Readers will also recall that, in response to SB 54, our demonstrably racist and ignorant president, with the help of his demonstrably racist and ignorant attorney general (at the time), began attacking California through rhetorical, political and legal means.

Unsurprisingly, our local officials jumped on the president’s bandwagon. Assemblyman Gallagher voiced his opposition to SB 54 and encouraged our local supervisors and council members to follow the poor example of other jurisdictions by passing resolutions opposing the implementation of SB 54. Our Yuba City City Council members acquiesced by passing that resolution in May.

Mercifully, three of the five council members who voted for this prejudiced and pointless exercise are no longer on the council. What’s more, the council now boasts two Latino-American members who presumably understand the damaging and divisive impact this resolution has on the psyche and well-being of other local Latino-Americans, to say nothing of the social embarrassment this resolution reflects on all residents of Yuba City.

Hopefully, Vice Mayor Cardoza and Councilmember Espindola can lead the council out of this dark and embarrassing moment by presenting a strong and united voice calling for the repeal of that resolution. 

Brad Westmoreland

Yuba City

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