The City of Marysville will be considering sewer rate increases at their public hearing on September 17, 2019, at 6 p.m. The initial increases start at 33 percent for residential customers and between 41 percent and 93 percent for commercial customers, with a 3 percent annual increase for both through 2023. The table of the increases in the sewer rate study may be viewed on the City’s website,

Comparing the two documents, the approved FY 2019-20 budget and the rate study, it appears there are major discrepancies in the numbers used by the rate study which do not match those in the approved budget, which would make one question the validity of the rate study and whether the need for a sewer rate increase has been overestimated.

I urge all property owners within the city of Marysville to submit their written protest regarding these exorbitant increases to the city clerk on or before the September public hearing. Your written protest must be signed by the property owner(s) or tenant(s) and must include the assessor’s parcel number(s) or street address(es) of all property(ies) serviced. Attendance at the September public hearing is encouraged, however, only one written protest per identified parcel or property will be counted for purposes of determining a majority protest.

It is this taxpayer’s opinion that a rush to increase sewer rates is premature, unjustified, and an attempt by the city to support the city budget on the back of the rate payers.

Jeri Schneider,


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