No shelter-in-place in Yuba/Sutter? I am an essential worker. I was on my way to work on Saturday crossing the bridge from Marysville to Linda, when I saw they were having motocross races.

Frustrated by this, and that already three pickups pulling fishing boats had passed me, I called the COVID 19 hotline … I asked the gentleman if the shelter-in-place ordinance had been lifted in Yuba/Sutter? He replied, “No, it is still in effect statewide.” 

I then asked him why there were motocross races going on, he replied, “Yuba/Sutter has relaxed the shelter in place ordinance, as long as you practice social distancing.” 

I was shocked. As I vented my disbelief, the conversation ended with him saying that they would dispatch a patrol car to make sure the people were not gathering.

I have to be honest, this infuriates me. This is the reason why the Sacramento river looks like a Thousand Trails campground. The reason the Garmire road Sutter County boat ramp has 50+ pickups with boat trailers. 

Yuba/Sutter law enforcement is not enforcing the shelter in place ordinance. You can do whatever you like, go wherever you like, as long as you practice social distancing? Ridiculous. 

The leaders of these counties need to be removed from office. They are not protecting you or your families. They don’t care about your health, or they would stop these violations. 

Close the boat ramps, cite the violators, and protect us from the needless spread of this virus.

– Jack Lewis,

Yuba City

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