I am concerned for my country. It is changing right before my eyes. Free speech is literally being taken away from patriotic Americans. This is unacceptable. Free speech is the cornerstone of our republic. If the 1st Amendment is taken away, what is left for us? Nothing! It will affect our lives, daily. Our livelihood, our education system, our policies concerning government, and most of all, our religious freedom. I do not think most Americans realize how unique this country is compared to other countries. We are free to express our points of view without repercussions, at least that is how it was. Not so much anymore. We are being silenced. Big tech for one, our government for another. We must stand up and be counted. We cannot, and should not, be silenced because our view does not agree with yours. We are a free society. Don’t let that be taken from us. This is our country, yours and mine. Remember that. We are the ones who have put men and women in robes of authority. It is in our power. They work for us. We pay their salaries and yet they want to control our lives. Stand up for America, for what is right and honorable. Remember, “A nation of ‘sheep,’ breeds a government of ‘wolves.’”


Marian Mladineo,


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