I am so glad that we will finally hear from President Donald Trump in the State of the Union address. 

I am so tired of hearing all the negative reporting that are nothing but attacks on our president by the fake news.

Is no one concerned about chaos on our borders? I have not heard anyone address the issue regarding establishing responsible entry into our country. If we just support what laws that are already in place and well established how hard would that be? The issue of the wall in a real one and needs to be enacted along rules for illegal immigrants. The president has tried working with the opposition with no consensus or ideas. Just a big no. 

We are a sovereign nation with a Constitution and the rule of law. You want to come to our country and be a citizen here, respect and obey our laws, pledge to support our country and contribute in a positive way.

Cheryl Brandwood

Sutter Yuba Republican Women Federated President

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