Congratulations to President elect Joe Biden. A new chapter in American politics has just been written. It is now permissible to lie, cheat and steal and be elected President of the United States of America. I also congratulate the mainstream media for convincing enough of the population …  that President Trump is evil and can do nothing right. There were enough citizens to believe your lies. According to them, “Utopia” has now arrived, as the Democrats are now in control of Congress, the Senate (as VP Harris will be the tie breaker) and have the Presidency. My question to them is; “who are you going to blame now” when it all turns to crap? Isn’t censorship wonderful, silence the opposing view so everyone conforms!

I am part of the problem according to the left as I am still able to think for myself and do not need them to tell me what to believe. I still read the newspaper, especially the letters to the editor because it provides me with a perspective of what a portion of our community thinks.

Many of the letters paraphrase what the media wants them to believe and indicates that those people have been successfully indoctrinated. I am now an endangered species because my brain still works and I can formulate cognitive thoughts. Does this mean I have protection under the “Endangered Species Act?”

For the past four years I have observed what the President has accomplished and what the media and the Democrats tell the public. According to them, he has accomplished nothing. Before I read an article in the “newspaper” I look at the byline to find out where the article originated. Generally it is from the LA Times, New York Times, Bloomberg News, etc., all of these being left leaning propaganda arms bent on destroying America.

It used to be that a newspaper provided the “news” but that has changed. Now they interpret what has occurred and pass it off as news because they feel a large portion of the population is too stupid to figure it out on their own Judging from some of the letters I have read, they are right as many believe the lies, deceit, distortions and fabrications provided by the media. The media is consistently overlooking pertinent news stories because if they ignore it, then it didn’t happen.

Too many have not done their due diligence to find out the facts surrounding the news “story.” Black Lives Matter and Antifa proliferated off the distortions of the truth. Facts do not matter according to the mainstream media, their narrative and interpretation is all the matters. Censorship is now alive and well in the United States. The internet is next to be controlled by the left. It is already being filtered and what they don’t like is eliminated. Apparently “truth” can not stand the light of day.




Steven Lewis,

Live Oak

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