How many PG&E guys does it take to change a light bulb, We Don’t know it’s never been done! We now have a street light at the corner of Chalis Creek & Calabrese ct, in Plumas Lake. I called in back on January 25, 2022, I have over 25 listed calls to all supervisors at PG&E, each time they say it will be fixed. I tried giving them the nearest address, but they said they Only go by pole numbers, which is 4610. Since January, they have come to my address & fixed the light pole across the street from my house, number 6515, it’s now been fixed 3 times, it’s not broken, hasn’t been broken! They don’t even read the pole number when fixing it! I’d hate to have them as doctors, you go in to get surgery on a part of your body & they work on the wrong part! To this day pole number 4610 is still out!


Joe Fedor

Plumas Lake

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