I am Racquel Wright, a retired Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army Nurse Corps. I am writing to you asking for support of a fellow soldier who served four tours in Afghanistan as an outstanding Marine: Zack Snyder, of Yuba City.

Zack was at the end of his last tour when he took a gun and held it to a sleeping soldier’s head who was on guard duty protecting the soldiers while they slept. To put this in prospective, Zack was stateside healing from wounds, when he learned that his entire small Marine unit was slaughtered by insurgents. Zack is another statistic of the lack of care for soldiers who come home and reach out to the Department of Veterans Affairs. He has made a grave mistake, but he needs mental health support, not prison and punishment. 

Post tramatic stress disorder has shattered and broken him. My wish is that we Americans support our servicemen and women when they come home from war. 

Racquel Wright

Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army Nurse Crops, retired

Yuba City

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