Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the color of your skin

“We love you, you are very special” are the words that were spoken by the President about the extremists who stormed our nation’s capitol. These individuals breaking the law, breaking into the federal building that houses our democracy have been called many different names today but one term has been silently ignored: terrorism.

Minority Americans, specifically black and brown Americans, watch the coverage today with the sad realization that had these events been brought about by African Americans or Muslims, they would have surely been received by the authorities in a very different way.

The color of your skin should not gauge the level of threat you pose to others. I am the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants who are proud of being Americans. Immigrants like my family come to this country and are thankful to be given an opportunity to work and call the United States the best country on earth with pride. Yet, these domestic terrorists are supported as the true patriots and wreak havoc on our democracy and black and brown Americans are racially profiled as a threat.

This must be the end of this era as we begin anew. In order to close this chapter, to recover from this assault, we need to hear from every leader that this behavior is unacceptable in America. This is terrorism and we must condemn it, blind to the color of our skin.


Saveena Takhar,

Yuba City


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