Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of having the Sutter County Sheriff’s Dept. visit my home at 3:30 in the morning. My daughter had been violently murdered in Wash., D.C., and they came to my house to tell me personally, and to have me contact the detective in D.C. about the details while they waited to make sure I survived the ordeal.

I learned later that the two deputies were former students of mine at Wheatland Union High School who volunteered to come out to my house once they learned of the tragic news. This was more comforting than anyone could know. They stayed with me while I made the much dreaded call to D.C. and remained to comfort me after the sad news about my daughter.

Sutter County Sheriff’s Dept. is one in a million. I will never forget their genuine caring and comfort.

Jeff Magill,

Yuba City  

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