The Apathetic Marsh Mellow Pajama Young Man: When I was a young man in the ‘60s and ‘70s it was a good achievement to get a job, get your driver’s license and buy your first car. You were proud of yourself and you made your parents proud. 

Ever since the 21st century came around I’ve listened to so many baby boomers express their concern with this younger generation that just want everything given to them. I have really noticed this behavior since 2010. These young adults do not want to pay their dues at an early age in the workforce. They want the big pay now in a superior work position, and, moreover, they think they know more than anyone.

I’ve also heard older adults complain it’s hard to get them to find a job while trying to get them off of their phones and video games. Please parents; don’t let your son be an Apathetic Marsh Mellow Pajama Young Man.



Ernie Pantaleoni,

Yuba City

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