In a recent edition of the Appeal-Democrat, there was an insert titled “Christmas Carols 2018.” Interestingly, none of the songs had any direct (clear) reference to the true meaning of Christmas.  

Personally, it’s a bit disappointing. There is a word game that both adults and children love to play. It is called wordsearch. It is a square with hundreds of letters boxed neatly in horizontal and vertical rows with dozens of words hidden inside. I mention this because maybe, just maybe, some people are unable to find the hidden word cleverly concealed in the word Christmas. 

Wordsearch is meant to challenge the mind, so I really don’t want to give any significant hints. However, you won’t find the following words in it: Frosty, Santa, elf, Rudolf. Now with those words eliminated, see if you can uncover the hidden word. 

A few more hints; This word is someone’s actual name and his name is synonymous with savior, forgiver of sins, Prince of Peace, God with us. Now look closely once more at the word Christmas. See it? See him? OK, one more subtle hint: Merry CHRISTmas! 

David Kugelman


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