Ask law enforcement if they can protect you and your family 24 hours a day; of course they cannot. Protection of ourselves, our families falls to us. We cannot wait for law enforcement to intervene in a violent attack. We must be allowed guns to do what liberals will not do, protect ourselves. Can you afford bodyguards, live in a gated community with private security, I know I cannot? I forgot; they are better, smarter, more important than we “deplorables”. Disarming citizens is a signal to criminals – OPEN FOR BUSINESS. It was not by accident the founding fathers prioritized the First and Second Amendments in order of their importance. The First and Second Amendments, in my opinion, are the fourth means of checks and balances; complementing the existing constitutional checks and balances of the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government. Bloviating liberals insist if we just removed all guns, society would be Paradise. It was not a kinder, gentler, less violent world before the invention of gunpowder. Without guns man would have just invented another conveyance of destruction. The first attempts at self-defense were probably started by ancient man grabbing the nearest rock and delivering a blow to the head of his enemy. Possession of weapons by citizens in the last century may have prevented the slaughter of millions. The founders recognized the enemy, and it was us, hence the second amendment. Freedom requires more free speech not less, and more rocks to defend it.



Frank Hamrah,

Yuba City

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