(Written Nov. 18) We passed a tragic milestone: 254,000 Americans are dead from the COVID-19 pandemic. The count goes up daily.

My concern is the abdication of responsibility of 45 to lead us out of this pandemic. Five plus months since 45 spoke about COVID-19. He fired anyone that was honest about the threat of the virus. I’m sick of this ongoing horror story that is raging on. The federal government wasn’t willing to do the hard work associated with COVID-19. The surge of disease that all of America is experiencing now dwarves what happened in spring. The Senate is only working to get more inexperienced junior judges installed as lifetime judges. Talk about abdication of duties!

I’m concerned that Biden is not getting briefed on Presidential matters, classified, COVID and otherwise. Time is passing while president 45 behaves like a poor loser. We voted him out for his corruption and inadequacy to do what he took the oath of office. He is threatening to behave as an authoritarian dictator to force his presidency to continue when he was not re-elected, fair and square. That is a National Security threat that Putin and all the other communist strong men are overjoyed about. People are dying while 46 is ready to take the mantle of this ongoing catastrophe and devastation of our country. The bare-knuckle status quo we tolerate is not acceptable. America is better than what we have sunk to now. The economy has never gotten this bad, and Americans are dying while 45 golfs every day.



Jacquelyn Bockius,

Yuba City

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