The Board of Supervisors is going to consider whether to approve or deny a permit for a truck yard that has been operating illegally for 3 years. The yard, adjacent to Barry School, does not have a permit to operate, has not been in compliance with building and environmental codes, poses a risk to the children and staff of the school, and increases truck traffic in the Route 99 and Oswald Road area.

Sutter County Development Department has recommended to the Board of Supervisors denial of this request for valid reasons, all have which been logically explained in their recommendation to the board.

If the board of supervisors decides to overturn the Planning Commission, as well as the Development Department, recommendations to deny this request, the precedent setting consequence of their decision will be undeniably detrimental to the health and safety of our community.

If a business that has been operating without a permit and with total disregard for the law is approved, why would any entity in the future bother to get a permit, to comply with the law, or to be concerned about the health of children and residents?

The Board of Supervisors must not buckle to pressure from influential and wealthy advocates and must choose to do the right thing. They must not establish a precedent that says we are a free wheeling County where you can do what you want in total disregard of established laws because there will be no consequence.

This decision should not be framed as an anti-trucking versus pro-trucking decision. This decision is about the county having a backbone to stand by its own ordinances and to uphold the law. Let your opinion be known to your supervisor.



Doreen Fuller, 

Yuba City

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