In rebuttal to Anne Wentland’s letter that was printed in the Appeal-Democrat, 10-2-2020, allow me to share some facts as to why President Trump stopped going to Dover Air Force Base to pay his respects to the nation’s war dead.

On 2-1-2017, President Trump went to Dover Air Force Base to pay respect to two Navy Seals, KIA, in Yemen. He approached the father of William “Ryan” Owens, his name is Bill Owens, to offer his condolences and Mr. Owens refused to shake the President’s hand and berated Trump that he was responsible for his son’s death for approving the disastrous raid in Yemen without bothering to understand the risks. This incident rattled Trump so much, he did not return to the base for two years.

None of us know the feeling of having to face a grieving father knowing you were the one who gave the order for the raid.

As far as Trump’s visits to Walter Reed Army Hospital to visit the wounded, I found three visits, 4-22-2017, 12-21-2017 and 7-11-2020. On 12-26-2018, Trump flew to Al Asad Air Force Base, west of Baghdad to visit the troops for Christmas.

In reference to Trump telling Don Jr. that he would disinherit him if he joined the military, I only found two mentions of this. One, mentioned in the book Trump’s niece just released. Two, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. I find both very unreliable and consider them both “fake news.”

In actuality, President Trump has been the most military friendly Commander in Chief since 41, George H.W. Bush.

Obviously, Ms. Wentland, President Trump is not your favorite. I would urge you to do research before you shoot from the hip like the fake news media does.

I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy and I would have been honored to serve this Commander in Chief.

PS: Did you know Obama made only two trips to Dover Air Force Base in his eight year term.


Thomas K. Hoskins,

Yuba City


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