The inverted values that Trump has cultivated in those who remain his solid support will be dragging us down for some time to come. The profound divisiveness, the false narratives, the convoluted justifications, the inexcusable self-service, and the stark dishonesty of this man and his administration are a dark cloud that is going to be casting its shadow for some time to come, and though all of his incompetence, ignorance, egomania, and lack of leadership is there for anyone who cares to examine it, there remains a shallow obtuseness in denial by those who wish to ignore the destruction of moral values, of science and experience in order to embrace the arrogance and conceit peddled by Trump. His diplomacy has enraged our allies and encouraged his manipulation by the dictators of our Cold War enemies. His domestic policies have crippled economic growth for the working class while continuing the upward flow of wealth, and severely damaging the future of both human and environmental health.

That this clown was in power at the outset of a deadly pandemic has made our nation into a death trap of political consequence and a laughing stock of incompetent and ineffectual response. Every category of national health and every demographic measure of prosperity have suffered catastrophic deterioration under this man’s administration. Health, education, human rights, environmental preservation, race relations, scientific advancement -- all these things have lost ground as goals for advancement. 

The myth of trickle-down economics is more exposed as the lie it always was than ever before, but the Trump message is to ignore the general suffering and applaud the Wall Street records being set. 

Disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory, fascist nationalism, racism, and disdain for the inconvenience of truth and science are on the rise, and a general anti-intellectualism is used to taunt those who would champion ethical behavior over greed. Donald Trump and his zombification of the Republican Party is the most devastating and crippling tragedy to collide with our two-party democracy in my 71 years, and I hope that remission and full recovery will be possible.



Richard Rawlinson,


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