During the 2016 presidential campaign I gradually realized that Trump was becoming the spokesman for our crackpot fringe; and once he was elected I knew that the crackpot fringe was now establishment. Yet, even then I continued to think that the worst he would do was shoot his mouth off every week, so we would all have to constantly stop and deal with it. And if I didn't see it then I couldn't beat up on Republicans for not seeing it. But today we all see it and I believe we must learn the lesson: If a candidate shows himself to be a loose cannon during the campaign then he will continue to be such in office. He will be the bowling ball crashing into the tenpins of this country.

And he won't be able to avoid it – messing things up is his nature. 

We see how self-absorbed he is. He wants to build a hotel in Moscow or Ankara, so buddy up to Putin and everything else be damned, including American security. We see how natural it is for him to have his way by perverting the truth. Goebbels would give him a bow. And now his pressure against Ukraine – our foreign policy is to be twisted to improve his reelection chances. It's time for Mr. Trump to go.

Lawrence Young,


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