For any endeavor to succeed requires the participants to have a certain level of trust and confidence. There is a segment of our population that now professes a lack of trust and confidence in our government, science, law enforcement, academia and media. These people no longer support the institutions which are the very means by which we ensure our democracy works. Their stated aims are to undermine existing institutions or otherwise render them impotent. The agencies and institutions they attack have done little to warrant such animosity. In general, they do their mandated functions of serving the American people. In the states this segment controls they use their power to gerrymander congressional districts; corrupt the voting process; berate science; force their morality on education and women's rights, and decry the credibility of the media. Their elected officials often take stances in direct opposition to the majority of their constituents....Gun control and abortion to mention two.

When you drill down into this failure of trust and confidence, at the very bottom you will find good ole fashion racial prejudice. I do not believe this to be an oversimplification. Racism taints everything it touches. Whether it's migrants crossing the border or minorities protesting for equal justice. Whether it's election law reform or academic curriculum. Whether it's gun control or our societal safety net. But for racism being involved, all these issues could be resolved fairly, and quickly dispatched. Racism is truly the "Poisonous Tree" from which their beliefs are derived. The racial prejudice is simple. You may be on the bottom rung of society but if you are white you are better than all minorities. They reject an inclusive or diverse society. Woke is bad they say.

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