I could almost stand up and cheer Mr. Hamrah’s article until he limited his assertion to “these heel clicking left wing journalists.” Not to include the conservative media is to ignore the elephant in the room. If anyone is clicking their heels it is the right wing fascist. That being said I believe the crux of his position is the inability of the media to reconcile the facts in accordance with his beliefs.

The problem with dealing with conservative folks with strong beliefs is that they have built a defensive wall that logic and reason cannot breach. They refuse science. They believe well educated people are elitist. Government agencies are at best unreliable. They seem more interested in labeling people than listening with the prospect of learning something. They deny and divert when presented with proof of a failed position. They are paranoid, believing democracy is going to hell in a hand basket due to communism/socialism/progressive liberals. They want the country and society to stay the same as opposed to confronting problems and finding solutions. They tend to buy into some of the most radical extremes of the political right. (The election was stolen. COVID pandemic is fake. Ad infinitum.) They rant about the liberal press unduly influencing the voters with lies; like Americans aren’t smart enough to sort the wheat from the chaff. By Mr. Hamrah’s standard “Trusted Sources” cannot exist. 

Mr. Hamrah wants truth in reporting yet would deny you the ability to research and provide counter arguments. Facts are facts. The truth is in the interpretation of those facts. A suggestion: If you are faced with two extremes the truth is probably in the middle. One should avoid the extremes.

I also denounce the current state of the media talk shows as related to politics. Please God raise Walter Cronkite from the dead.


David Hudspeth, 

Yuba City

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