On the Saturday, October 29 Forum page of the Appeal Democrat an article entitled “Musk takes Twitter helm….” was printed. In this article from Bloomberg News it states that “…he wants to ensure ‘free speech on the social network.” The article also states “…Musk’s initiatives threaten to undo years of Twitter’s efforts to reduce bullying …”  

Elan Musk is not a moralist or philosopher, but merely a businessman. His takeover of Twitter, in my estimate, is for one dominate reason – freedom of speech. I doubt that Mr. Musk stays up nights reading the constitution, but somehow freedom of speech as guaranteed in the First Amendment must be important to him. Why? Freedom of speech, allowing opposing views to be heard, is necessary and essential to the creativity, optimization, and success of his business ventures. The free expression of alternative ideas is a must for Musk to not only survive in the business world but to thrive, creating new products and services. Musk is somewhat of a dreamer, having created Tesla cars as well as SpaceX rocketry. He must be free to dream!

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