Since the Jan. 6 “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol, “bureaucratic progressivism has hardened into iron fisted wokeism.” The Pentagon has developed paranoia regarding white nationalism. In February, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memo to all Pentagon leaders stating that the defense department “will not tolerate actions associated with extremist or dissident ideologies.” All military personnel, more than 1.14 million members, based on 2019 figures, will receive “extremist” training.

Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Harker issued a memo promising to eradicate “actions that betray our oaths.” For example, any ideology challenging “gender identity or sexual orientation.”

The draft ended in the United States almost 50 years ago. American women have freedom of choice in military service. But they aren’t required to register with selective service, as men must at age 18, or face serious penalties, from fines to imprisonment. Where’s the equity there? Don’t expect politicians to touch that red-hot button. In a woke military, as in a woke society, some folks are more equal than others.

Meanwhile, that sound of laughter you hear? That’s the Chinese communist party politburo, rolling in the aisles as they watch, with disbelief and delight, the latest season of America’s screaming comedy series “circular firing squad,” produced, directed and acted by the military progressive complex.


Larry Rayburn,

Yuba City

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