In our community here in the Yuba City area, many of us take pride in our party alignments in  politics. While the passion and participation of our residents are essential, it’s no doubt that we have become extremely divided with any issue that our local officials put forward. Differences in political parties, however, shouldn’t be fueling the hatred that is present in our region today.

The main objective of current politicians isn’t to reach compromise through debate; it seems as if their only goal is to personally attack their opponents. Following political debates, hate is then thrown on supporters from across the aisle to opposing supporters tenfold.

It seems that picking a side in today’s political world causes you to be thrown into many negative stereotypes about your character. No matter what the subject of the conversation is, an opinion that isn’t a direct copy of your own shouldn’t automatically be dehumanized.

The reality is that the most ignorant person is the one who won’t acknowledge that solutions can be reached through cooperation with others who may not see eye to eye with them. 

The local political climate is causing more divisions than harmony, and once we can agree that we need to work together in order to move forward, then we can begin rebuilding and strengthening our town.

If we are ever to reach our main goal of being the United States of America, it’s important to practice unity within our community here in Yuba City.


Kekoa Abreu,

Yuba City


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