(Response to a letter to the editor from March 11) Mr. Cooper is correct that he is not living in the U.S.A. anymore. In fact, he must be living on a different planet or in an alternate universe. To insinuate that educators “want to sit at home on their duff and get paid” is absolutely wrong, utterly absurd, and out of line!

YCUSD administrators, teachers, counselors, and countless other staff have continued to care for the safety and well-being of our students and have been since the pandemic began a year ago, and we have not shirked our responsibility of educating our students.

What I take exception to are the negative comments regarding teachers not doing their job and still getting paid. He is correct that some educators are sitting at home on their “duff.” Teaching via Google meetings became the norm of teaching during distance learning. So we must sit on our “duff” in front of a computer to engage our students and present our lessons.

Sure, some teachers are working from home due to family, health, or childcare concerns, but they have that option under the current working conditions while others continue to work from campus. Regardless of their work location, teachers have been working harder and longer days than a typical year. We have spent countless extra hours learning new technology and strategies for distance learning, motivating and engaging students, grading assignments digitally, and communicating with colleagues, parents, and students.

In addition, teachers are obligated to work during their contractual year, but we are not obligated to work during the holidays, weekends, and summer vacation, though many of us do. We are not taking vacations during our contracted work time either. That would be a violation of our employment contract and would lead to disciplinary action, loss of pay, and even cause for dismissal.

Teachers care about the well-being and education of their students and the community and will continue to rise to the challenges and above the criticism we face more and more.

Hopefully, the Wizard of Oz will intervene and bring Mr. Cooper back to the U.S.A.



Jeff Putland,

Yuba City

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