Re: Vandalism


This old soldier's heart is heavy with sorrow. I have been watching the mobs in the streets, vandalizing monuments, destroying private property, and even killing people. 

I never in my wildest nightmare thought that I would ever see this happening in the USA. The feckless politicians in the cities that are allowing this to happen need to be kicked out of office and replaced by someone that will live up to the oath that they take when they assume office. 

It is time to take the cities and states back from these thugs and if it takes rifle butts and bayonets to do it so be it. 

The mayor of Seattle, once a beautiful place to live, has turned it into a pig sty along with the other two former jewels of the west coast San Francisco, and Portland. I won't even mention what is happening on the east coast, and in the midwest. 

Now they want to disband the police, since this  has started the crime rate has gone way up, more murders, shootings, robberies, etc. 

Just wait to see what happens when there are fewer police on the streets, or especially no police at all. 

I pity a poor woman that calls for help, because some dirt bag male is beating the hell out of her, and they send some wimp psychology major fresh out of college to take care of the problem.

I am going to sit back and watch this play out, I hope that the law abiding citizens and taxpayers demand action. 

I sincerely hope that a Democrat is not elected to be president in November. It is my opinion that they are involved with this up to their neck, so me and my two friends Smith and Wesson will just sit back and watch. And of course, vote.



Billy M. Cooper,

Yuba City

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