The front page of December 21 carried a comment of a 13-year-old young man about how he is handling the current social and political climate. Part of his response stated that teachers try to push their views on him. 


It should be a school regulation that teachers and professors teach what they are being paid to teach. That’s it. No political viewpoints permitted. That would be getting off track in a big way. And who cares what they think?

That is political hatred not unlike racial hatred. There’s no place for it in the classroom. There’s no place for racial hatred anywhere. 

Our students should be allowed to do their own research and develop their political view point on their own. Why do schools permit this? 

Once again, there should be a regulation making mixing a teacher’s political view point and the subject being taught a violation.

Speak up students. When you hear this in class speak up to a family member so something can be done.

Richard Rohrmann

Yuba City

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