The tragedy of this time we are living in may be worse than you realize. First, had voters done a small amount of research before the 2016 presidential election they’d have known before they voted. One candidate had so much baggage to bring to the White House all you had to do was go online to see the crimes Mr. Trump had already committed before he was elected. 

How many bankruptcies did the wealthiest businessman already have? He cheated his own businesses (Trump University, The Trump charity, Trump Steaks, Wine, Clothing and others I’ve forgotten.) He and his adult offspring bilked his charity, university and his golf tournaments in the name of charity. He lied continually about the value or lack thereof of his real estate. This was all known before he won that sorrowful presidential election in 2016. I cried the night of the election because I love my country and I knew what was at stake.

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