Regarding the Presidential election: President Trump did not lose because of a vast conspiracy to cheat him. He lost because reason prevailed. We are still the United States of America. We need to keep the memory of how this government was founded.

To keep this government working we must strive to meet the goals of this nation’s founders. I have voted in every presidential election for 70 years. The reason I did this was patriotism.

To vote responsibly we must study politics and how both parties plan to govern this country. I have read the daily paper and watched broadcast news on TV as the main sources of information. All the cable stations are news with a bias. The radio commentators are the worst. They are successful at spreading hateful ideas. Apparently there are no Democratic radio stations in this area. 

Yes, there is a sad divide in our country. It centers on which side is dispensing the “fake news.” The only hope is to become educated and equipped to make informed decisions. It is certainly possible to achieve.


Lyla Gilbert,



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