(Jan. 1, 2021) Holy Smokes! Thomas Hoskins’ letter to the editor gave us a fine civics lesson, which was agreeable to me. But he was disregarding the fact that there was no voter fraud in the 2020 November 3rd election. No voter fraud other than one man that used his dead mother’s ballot to twice vote for Trump. He was caught. We have a sturdy and law-abiding citizenry with many checks in place to keep voting legitimate and fair in California.

Remember after the election when CISA Director Chris Krebs verified that there was no voter fraud? He was fired for telling the truth. This president fired him because Krebs wasn’t following the Trump play book of voter fraud. 45 was pushing that idea when he ran and won in 2016. He is still pushing it now. January 6th is when the Electoral College will meet and verify the counts. No one, not even Giuliani and his gang could prove voter fraud in front of multiple 45 appointed court judges. It did not happen. Almost 60 futile lawsuits from Trump’s lawyers that got thrown out because there was no evidence. Evidence is essential for a positive outcome in lawsuits. We voted honestly and millions of us knew how four more years of chaos, corruption, and massive deaths due to the uncontrolled pandemic and awful economy would hinder the future for all of us. We voted trump out, praise the Lord.

As for a civics lesson, I’d advise Mr. Hoskins to research sedition. A coup is what Mr. Trump is attempting to do. We Democrats are just as patriotic as Mr. Hoskins and I resent any attempt to paint us all as fraudulent voters. I am proud to vote. We were sure going to vote Trump out for incompetence and the multiple crises we are suffering and dying from. When it comes to political beliefs generalizing Democrats as all being corrupt is just wrong.


Jacquelyn Bockius,

Yuba City

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