I am responding to Mr. Lowe’s letter of disgust for face masks and Governor Newsom’s request for all to wear them in public. 

In the absence of a nationwide mitigation plan that should have been implemented by at least February, we should forgive the governor for trying to save lives. We have lost nearly 6,000 Californians to this disease already.

Mr. Lowe stated he does not have coronavirus and doesn’t know anyone who does. Unless he and everyone he knows routinely get tested, how would he know? 

The CDC reports that 35 percent of infections are asymptomatic and .4 percent who get sick will die. Judging from the pictures of patients on ventilators in ICUs, it isn’t a pretty death. 

Distancing and face masks should not be political statements. Mr. Lowe, if you care about yourself, your family and your community please wear a mask. It’s much more fun than a ventilator.



Betty Mello,


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