Today, as I write, is President’s Day, February 20. 2023. However, Lincoln’s birthday is February 12 and Washington’s birthday is February 22. Certainly these two presidents deserve special recognition, especially George Washington, who helped found our US of A.  Without George Washington’s unfailing leadership during the revolutionary war, we would be still speaking the King’s English or perhaps French as is spoken in some of the Canadian Provinces.  

Where would our US of A be if King George III had prevailed and General Washington had been defeated? All the signers of the Declaration of Independence would have been shot or perhaps imprisoned for life, along with their families. No Ben Franklin who discovered electricity, No Dr. Benjamin Rush who is considered the Father American Psychiatry, no Thomas Jefferson who resided by himself in the White House while it was being built. No Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore west of the Mississippi River. No Constitution and no Amendments giving us freedom of speech, the ability to defend ourselves and to keep our homes secure from invasion by abusive governments (4th Amendment), and so forth.  

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