PGE isn’t alone, when it comes to wildfires destroying California. There is plenty of blame to spread around.

Trump, who hates California and the idea of climate change, is at the top of the human caused inferno. When he deregulated America and crippled EPA, for greed and jobs, he turned up the heat and pollution. Then, threw it on our dry state. Now, he says let it burn!

Pollution from the south has dehydrated our forest. While trees clean air, they also poison themselves.

All levels of government have permitted Sierra Pacific to clear cut our forest, leaving a patch quilt of dead and dying trees. Piles of dead slash are ready to ignite the healthiest trees in the forest. Beetles invade the clear cut, slash and dehydrated trees. Sunshine on snow covered clear cuts cause snow to evaporate quickly, instead of melting into Mother Earth. When SP plants trees they die, for lack of shade and water. Time to go back to selective cutting and time for the national and state forest to manage the forest, instead of ignoring it.

California has overbuilt, farmed and populated our state, leaving river, creeks and water tables stretched thin. Pollution, fertilizers, pesticides and human waste are destroying what’s left. Leaving our ground dried, parched and ready to burn. Our state agencies, in cahoots with big corporations and corporate farms, allowing our resources and infrastructures to disappear and collapse, under mismanagement. Caltrans needs to spend more time clearing weeds, instead of landscaping.

Pat Johnston,

Red Bluff

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