I am befuddled as to why residents residing well within the city limits/growth boundaries of Yuba City are allowed to keep chickens. Albeit not roosters, but female chickens produce more than their fair share of unwanted and annoying noise. Every morning, as well as throughout the day, we are subjected to their incessant clucking and squawks.

It’s bad enough having to be subjected to this annoying nuisance while we attempt to enjoy a nice weekend morning or afternoon in our backyard. Yet, we can’t even shield ourselves from the constant squawks from within our home with the doors and windows closed.

Complaints to Animal Control and Code Enforcement have been anything except fruitful, due to the currently enacted ordinance pertaining only to roosters. How is this so?! Even the unincorporated areas of Yuba County, which are far less urbanized than Yuba City, are subject to a more strict ordinance which only allows for the keeping of chickens on parcels 1 acre or larger.

I find the current Yuba City ordinance archaic and disrespectful towards citizens specifically choosing to live in an urbanized area, free from barnyard animals and farming related nuisances.

It would be lovely if our local government and/or elected officials would take some sort of action to address this issue.

Raymond Ramsey

Yuba City

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