So Yuba City planners and officials are talking about how to make the city grow. 

But why?

Seems to me they’ve skipped over a critical step: having a balanced discussion about why they believe that growth is a good idea. 

Rather, they apparently are automatically buying into the mantra that growth is always beneficial to a city and it’s residents.

Questions abound. 

Am I the only one this bothers? Is it truly necessary? Does growth always pay off decades down the road? What about the trade-offs? How does aggressive growth impact congestion, traffic, and the general “livability” of a town or city? 

Does growth necessarily equate to a strong quality of life or the encouragement of good paying jobs? Does it help or hinder the growing problem of homelessness?

Studies have shown that growth is decidedly a mixed bag, but so far I’ve seen no evidence that Yuba City officials have engaged in any unbiased discussions about embarking on a plan for increased growth.

Before it’s too late, time to slow down and carefully probe this disputable idea.

 –Lee Hixson,

 Yuba City

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