Re: Library

As a representative of both Yuba Sutter Arts and Friends of the Yuba County Library, I was pleased to be able to participate in the Yuba County Library’s community strategic planning sessions last week.

In collaboration with Deborah Joy and her consulting firm, Library Systems Services, County Library Administrative Service Officer Sandeep Sidhu did an excellent job of facilitating meaningful discussions with a series of local leaders as well as the general public. It’s a bit of a “quest for the holy grail” for libraries trying to find new and relevant ways to engage with people and to remind them of the significance of public libraries as an invaluable resource in their lives.

Libraries are cornerstone cultural assets and, as such, deserve our support. That said, libraries must constantly reinvent themselves and refresh the services they provide. Years ago, libraries started adding computers opening a myriad of online opportunities to those who may not have a home computer.

Loans of multimedia items like DVDs and CDs also became mainstays of most library collections.

So, what’s next? Three-D printers? Virtual reality stations? Why not?

 We would also like to see concerts and poetry readings and other events in the library that bring people in and expose them to all the library has to offer. Our library has a long and rich history from its formation in 1855 to the opening of the new library in 1977.  The library already offers a myriad of youth programs and with a little bit of imagination, I’m sure that together we can bring the library up to a new standard of importance and level of service in support of the emergence of Yuba County as a regional economic powerhouse.

David Read

Yuba Sutter Arts executive director

Friends of the Yuba County Library Board Member

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