Governor Newsom has increased his office budget by 22% this year and added three new state departments. 

Added to an already bloated list of regulatory agencies will be the Department of Cannabis Control, the Department of Early Childhood Education and the Department of Better Jobs and Higher Wages.

It is shocking to see financial recklessness of this magnitude. 

California’s pension liabilities are unfunded to the tune of tens of billions of dollars, yet he is calling for more spending. 

There is no one at the wheel in Sacramento to hold government in check and now Democrats are plotting to gut Proposition 13 in order to raise property taxes. This must stop! 

These costs will ultimately be laid on the backs of the middle class and the working poor as the rich will flee to more tax-friendly states. 

More taxes, more spending, and bigger government are not the way to go. California sleeps while thieves are in the treasury. Wake up, California!

Bill Ollar,


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