How was Sutter County preparing for a national emergency on their last day of work before offices closed on Friday? 

Were they concerned for the economic welfare of their county, its homeless or its small businesses? No, they decided to act on a policy updated 11 years ago and send a whole street of residents an address change. 

This harassment by the county is unacceptable during a time of national emergency. To burden those who live and work in the county and depend on its emergency services, why did Sutter County do this? 

They responded to the request of one property owner on the street who currently has a cease and desist order and over $50,000 in fines owed to the county, and who continues to operate an illegal trucking operation in a residential zone. 

The county did not consult with any other residents on this street, violating their own policy, which they sent to us in the mail. 

I do not understand why the county does not uphold its own policies and regulations. Why as residents we have to fight to protect our property values and the safety of the community and its children. 

Wake up residents and business owners of Sutter County, this county does not care for you, or any hardship they may place on you during a national emergency.


Connie Ernst, Yuba City

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