RE: COVID-19 testing 

When I was six my father and I were diagnosed with tuberculosis. His was more severe than mine, and his therapy was to be sent to a TB sanitarium in Livermore. 

I was sent to the front porch. The west side was enclosed with windows, and the north and south ends were screened and canvassed, as fresh air was my therapy. 

There was no test for TB. One got sick, went to the doctor, had X-rays, and the infection was diagnosed. 

There are tests for COVID-19.  

The data I had as of this writing said there were 120,000 tests given each day. At that rate, it would take 340 plus days just to test all Californians.  

I’m sure testing will increase, but it will still take a great amount of time for the entire country. Also, the testing will be meted out on the basis of need.

To my point: Dad and I were isolated to protect others from us, not the other way around. The current procedures put in place -- social distancing, masking, etc  -- have, without question, protected us.  

If we rush into things without paying heed to the medical people, we will subject more of us to this virus.

I have good friends whose businesses are being affected, and I am not oblivious to the damage that has been done, however, this is an issue of health.  

We have to make it the primary concern and return our economy in such a way that we don’t prolong this pandemic.


– Bob Bush,

Yuba City

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