RE: AB 1705


Mr. Jukes, an English teacher at Yuba College opposes passage of Assembly Bill 1705 which stipulates requirements for assignment of students to “transfer level courses” in English and Math upon entry into a community college.

It appears to me that Mr. Jukes problem is more that the bill takes away the community colleges prerogative to restrict student placement in transfer level courses even if they have shown competency in high school or through testing. Why is this even an issue? One can only suspect that Community College administrations, in a misguided attempt to fill preparatory education classrooms, established restrictions that would divert students into those classrooms thus creating a viable revenue source. Without the restrictions the classroom would probably be near empty?

Most high schools now offer college preparatory courses which would eat into the number of students requiring those types of classes at the college level, ergo less money. Perhaps Mr. Jukes should take a second job teaching preparatory English at the high school level?

It is apparent that AB1705 saw the overlap; the actions being taken by community colleges and, took positive action to clarify and create statutory guidelines for dealing with the situation. I would support passing the bill.

The remainder of the article is an attempt to throw up distracting chaff that is marginally believable and definitely insufficient to overturn the common sense displayed in the bill.


– David Hudspeth  

Yuba City  



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