Re: Cannabis

I am not shocked that people from other areas are doing the survey (a straw poll on Marysville’s acceptance of cannabis).

You should be a Marysville resident to vote on the survey. They don’t care about ruining Marysville. I grew up here, and have been here for about 60 years. And the City Council has never been good at bringing good businesses here. Just trashy businesses. Like bars, and now smoke shops, and pot shops, and pot labs. They can care less about us. And especially not our youth. 

They want to put a pot lab, right next to Friday Night Live. If that doesn’t show you that they can care less about kids, then nothing will. 

They put a pot shop by the school, and bus stop. Which I helped to get them shut down. Years ago. There were teenagers going in there. I saw that. I guess that the residents of Marysville want to keep being trashy. And they don’t care about the dangers that pot brings, as well as the drug addicts. I am almost done with fighting for Marysville, and trying to get our city to being a beautiful place to be.

 Marysville is not kid friendly. And the parents need to fight back. And tell the city council that they don’t want pot to ruin their city. Nor their kids lives. It is up to the residents of Marysville to finally get someone in the office that is willing to change Marysville’s image. The image of being a low life town. Keep being trashy, if that is what you only know.

Karen Liggett,


Re: Gun control


I have been a strong critic of many articles published in the Appeal-Democrat over the years, as well as complained several times that the paper was not complete, especially when the comics were not included in the E-edition.

I want to tell you how impressed and pleased i was this morning to read “Our View: Arguing about gun control won’t pose solutions to the question of why someone would want to kill others.”

The view was so refreshing and accurate about the today’s society problems, and the issues of mass shootings and gun control. We do not need more rules and laws, but we certainly need to address the issues of mental health, depression, racism, and upbringing. You did fail to address the elimination of all the violence-related video games and just videos with violence, but that should be covered under parental responsibility and control. This article should be reprinted weekly and shared across the nation. Every American should embrace this philosophy, reach out to those in need, discuss the issues with their children, and individually take responsibility for your personal actions. 

Being a retired educator and not wanting more requirements placed on our already burdened educational system, it would seem logical that a curriculum could be carefully designed to address society issues mentioned in this article.Thank you for clearly explaining your opinion ...

Russ McAnulty,

Yuba City

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