Re: Guns, mass shootings

Kudos to Brad Westmorland for his letter of August 17 emphasizing the need to get past the hand-wringing and “navel-gazing” that follows each mass shooting, and get about the business of restricting gun accessibility. Prevention of future tragedies can only be effective if the murderers’ preferred weapons are removed from civilian hands.

As a former competitive target shooter, I feel uniquely qualified to advocate for assault weapon restriction. 

The “recreational” thrills that military-style automatic weapons apparently provide to civilian sport shooters must not outweigh guarantees of public safety. 

The only way that we average citizens can confidently attend church, go to the movies, run in races, convene in stadiums, attend festivals and concerts is to know that a potential assassin in our midst can only fire one shot at a time.

Under present circumstances, teachers, preachers, and little old ladies like me are attending active shooter preparedness classes and evaluating escape routes at every gathering place. For those of us who can still run, we may live to tie tourniquets on those who could not.

What are we to tell our children and grandchildren as they begin another school year? “Have a good day, honey, and don’t worry; you’re a fast runner.”

Andrea Ickes-Dunbar,


Re: Marysville, marijuana

I wonder about Marysville council member Bill Simmons’ statement! On Aug. 7, in the Appeal-Democrat, he said: “It’s not a moral issue for me, it’s a business decision and that’s been my philosophy since we started this.” The purpose? 

All that revenue coming in from licenses, fees, and taxes. 

Certainly no moral quandry there, citizens legally buy the pot, and the city gains some dollars.

Well then, why not progress to the next level? Let’s establish cocaine dispensaries– just think of the dollars rolling in then! Some would say: “But cocaine is illegal”! 

Well, so was pot, not so very long ago– change the local law. 

“Hey, it’s not a moral issue, it’s good business for the city!” 

Other illegal drugs can be ushered-in to legality also– oh how the bucks will gush in! 

Then we can advance to prostitution. 

Of course, the city would want to ensure that the products and services are processed correctly. “Our goal is to provide safe and accessible products for the public.” 

The concern and compassion for the public is staggering!

 I guess pot is here to stay, might as well collect a bundle. It just seems to this old guy that our societal protections are melting away.

For another opinion on marijuana use, read the article:”Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” by Alex Berenson. 

It appears in “Imprimis” (a publication of Hillsdale College) January 2019, Volume 48, No. 1. It’s not very lengthy, and I think you will find it interesting and informative, if not quite frightening!

No, I never got into “weed,” but I lost a few battles with “John Barleycorn” until I smarted up a little.

Lawrence Green,

Yuba City





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