RE: Nation of laws


I know that many of your readers support the President, and think he has done nothing wrong. I ask them to consider these scenarios:

President Andrew Johnson only violated a little law when he fired a Secretary of War, twice. And President Nixon just tried to keep a few guys out of jail for breaking into an office. Oh, and, yes, President Clinton did have a sexual encounter, but wouldn’t you lie about that?

I also ask what you would be thinking if  President Obama had asked a leader of another country to investigate a political opponent.

We are either a nation of laws that apply to all, or we have an aristocracy, a monarchy, or a dictatorship, but not a democratic form of government. 

Thank you.


Bob Bush, 

Yuba City

Re: Impeachment 


In his letter of Dec. 18, Mr. Schumacher seemed lost in the thicket of the impeachment process going on in Washington.

First off he goes on and on about the fact the Senate is not going to impeach Trump; surprise, surprise Mr. Schumacher, it is not the Senate that votes for impeachment, it is the House. And they are just about to cast the vote.

Secondly, as usual for Republicans when in a discussion over any impending bill for which they have no fact-based argument against, they resort to money: how will it be paid for, what will have to be cu,t etc.; and how much will taxes have to be raised?

Come on Republicans, give Mr. Schumacher a hand here, so he will be better prepared for his next letter.


Michael Paine,


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