Re: 5th Street

We are very fortunate to live in such a historic area. Marysville is still known as “California’s Oldest ‘Little’ City.” Our area was especially celebrated during the gold rush era. 

There were countless characters and scallywags that have been written about in history books and brave pioneers who called Marysville home. All tHough many of our brick and mortar buildings have been destroyed by fire, time and demolition, there is still much to be enjoyed on our main streets. 

It seems that over many years, city leaders and various focus main groups, have brainstormed ways to bring attention to Marysville’s glorious past. 

We need tourists and travelers to stop in downtown instead of just passing through the stoplights without seeing what is just off the main drag.

We have a unique opportunity right now to showcase 5th Street’s major improvements by renaming it with a proper gold rush era phrase that will grab travelers’ attention and hopefully entice some of them to follow the signs to downtown Marysville and see the beautiful old buildings. It would be great for the local businesses for out-of-towners to walk around and spend money in their stores.

The town leaders could have a contest where residents submit renaming ideas. 

When the current 5th Street project is completed all the way to the new bridge, Marysville should have a ribbon cutting ceremony with a gold rush era theme and include the person who submitted the selected winning name. 

They could use newspaper outlets to highlight the significance of the newly renamed street and share some back stories of Marysville’s role in the history of California during the gold rush. 

Below are a few names that could be considered: Gold Rush Blvd, Gold Nugget Way, Golden Gateway, Old West Town Blvd, Riverboat Landing Blvd, Pioneer Town Way and Marry Murphy Way.

The renamed street should begin at “D” Street and continue west to the newly rebuilt bridge. 

The east side of  “C” Street should remain 5th Street to keep the current streets in numerical order. 


Debbie Castner, 


Re: Measure C


To the property owners of Yuba, Sutter and surrounding counties: In March, Yuba Community College is again asking to add to your real estate taxes; more money for the junior college.

This is in the form of a bond issue in the March election.

They are already collecting on your taxes four times for previous bond issues. They want more and more dollars. 

Check your property tax statement. You’ll see what I mean. 

Stop this endless money grab by voting no in March.


Daryl Schmidt, 

Yuba City

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