RE: Sacramento River

History repeats itself as politicians and advocates place solutions and demands on our Sacramento River. 

The Colorado River is a prime example of water wealth gone bad. Given to unprecedented growth and lack of foresight, the death of a once grand and majestic river, is a true and tragic result of human intervention.

For 1,500 miles the Colorado is dammed and diverted to satisfy 30 million people and 3.5 million acres of cropland. 

This was published in 2010 by the Smithsonian Magazine,

The SM reflects that since 1922, when the “Officials” allocated Colorado’s water to Nevada, Arizona, and California, the demand for this resource required the “Water Authorities” to restrict water use in watering lawns and washing cars while paying homeowners to replant yards with drought tolerant plants.

The end results can be seen where the Colorado river used to empty into the Gulf of Mexico. The once valuable wetland delta covered 3,000 sq. miles now (2010) covers 250 sq.miles. And that the only water escaping is runoff after agriculture and heavy rain.

Apparently it appears that “Officials” and “Authorities” cannot be depended upon to make the better decision. Newson’s $4.75 billion ‘’resilience bond’ stops a bit short of quenching my thirst. 

Our future depends on our actions that we take today. California’s population is projected to double by 2070 from 31.3 million to 62.3 mil. 

Food for thought.

Jeff Odell,


RE: Speeding in

Pleasant Grove


It’s been interesting since the March 1, 2007 article by Robert LaHue, “Take Heart, Pleasant Grove,” on speeding thru the area and the subsequent article March 14, 2007, “Pleasant Grove Gets update on traffic.” 

Things over the past 13 years have changed quite dramatically, speed has increased and traffic has more than tripled with commuters using Pleasant Grove Road, Howsley Road, Catlett Road and others to get to Hwy 99 from Roseville, Lincoln and others. 

The speeding is the worst. 

There is a “limited sight distance” bridge on Howsley that states 30 MPH, I’ve followed people up to 75 MPH up to that bridge and they continue without slowing at all. 

In my viewpoint we don’t need studies for anything just more stop signs at every crossroad in the area. 

The area of Howsley/Pleasant Grove Roads with it’s 40 MPH signs is worthless as drivers still do 65-75 through this area. 

Things will only get worse with the Sutter Pointe Development.


John Lamar,

Pleasant Grove

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